Alverstoke Church of England Junior School






KS2 Performance Results 


Please use the Primary Schools Performance Tables link below to access Key Stage 2 SATs results for our pupils who completed the Y6 tests in May 2023. This allows you to compare the performance of our pupils against others Nationally and in Hampshire. 


Pupils with significant SEND and complex needs, do not typically achieve  age related expectations.  As a school with higher than average significant need, we are proud that our results are in line with the National and Local Authority averages. 


Attainment Data 

This data shows the percentage of pupils who met the expected standard or the higher standard in reading, writing and maths in the Y6 May tests. 


KS2 Progress Information 

The progress measures aim to capture the progress that pupils make from the end of Key Stage 1 to the end of primary school. They are a type of value-added measure, which means that pupils’ results are compared to the actual achievements of other pupils nationally with similar prior attainment. This type of progress measure rewards schools for making progress with all of their pupils, whether they are low-, middle- or high-attainers. Any increase in attainment achieved by each pupil is reflected in the school’s progress scores. 


Note on Progress in Junior Schools from the DfE 

We know from national data that pupils at junior schools, on average, have higher attainment scores at the end of KS2 than pupils at other primary schools. However, on average, they also have lower progress scores. This may be for a variety of reasons and should be taken into account when comparing their results to schools which start educating their pupils from the beginning of KS1.