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Our Curriculum

Curriculum for Learning

At Alverstoke Church of England Junior School our integrated approach to the curriculum challenges pupils to think deeply, make links and aims to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Our core Christian values of love, respect and courage firmly underpin our curriculum, thus shaping pupils’ attitudes to life, the world around them and other people.  

As a SAPERE Gold Philosophy for Children School we promote philosophical enquiry and reflection through an enquiry-based approach to teaching, encouraging our pupils to think critically, creatively, collaboratively and caringly. 

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Our curriculum:

Deepens Thinking

Through high order questioning and a curriculum which ‘journeys’ from hook to outcome. Children are challenged and inspired by curriculum units which are rich, relevant and current.

Challenges All

By promoting perseverance, one of our EPIC learning skills, we ensure that all lessons have appropriate level of challenge. This is evidenced through the high quality outcomes and the high expectations of all pupils and staff.

Is Rich and Relevant

Our curriculum is responsive to local, national and global contexts and issues which ensures that children have an awareness and knowledge of the world in which they are living. Each unit is ‘seen through the eyes of a child’ to inspire and engage. All children experience a broad and balanced curriculum.  

Is Progressive

Every subject and unit of work is carefully planned to ensure knowledge, concepts and skills are built upon, ensuring that integrated cross-curricular links are maximised and the integrity of each individual subject is up-held.  

Makes Connections

Through the promotion of Evaluation and Creativity, two of our EPIC learning skills, our curriculum builds on prior learning, inspiring pupils to search for meaning and understanding of the world in which they live, making their learning relevant to their lives and promoting aspiration for future. Curriculum units are designed to excite, create memorable moments and to support spiritual development

Is Inclusive

A focus on Co-operation and Collaboration, one of our EPIC learning skills, is paramount to ensuring that our curriculum is accessible and equitable for all. We endeavour to proactively engage with parents and foster strong relationships with the church and with the wider community.  

Builds identity

Through the promotion of Evaluation, Independence and Creativity, three of our EPIC learning skills, children develop their relationship with their world, forming their values as well as looking beyond one’s self to the wider and the spiritual world.

Our aim is that children leave Alverstoke Church of England Junior School with a strong sense of belonging and a deep belief in a set of values which shape their attitude to life, the world around them and other people. Our pupils have the confidence to be curious and critical, and the ability to question the world around them. They have the skills to make decisions, self-evaluate and make connections. All are essential skills and characteristics of lifelong learners. 

If you would like further information on our curriculum please contact Marissa Ballard, our Curriculum Leader via the school office.