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Covid Tests

Dear Parents

Further to the positive case letters sent out earlier this afternoon and a few enquiries from parents, we would like to clear up some confusion regarding the different types of Covid tests.  To clarify, there are two types of tests:
  • Lateral Flow Tests - These are completed routinely by school staff, staff at many workplaces, secondary pupils etc... to try to identify positive cases that would otherwise be asymptomatic.  These tests can be ordered from the NHS or collected from pharmacies
  • PCR Tests - These tests are completed at Covid testing sites - our closest is Walpole Park in Gosport.
Lateral flow tests do not replace PCR tests as they are significantly less reliable.  A negative LFT does not guarantee that a person does not have Covid.  We are aware that some people are receiving negative LFTs but a positive PCR.  The PCR test gives the more accurate result.
If your child has any symptoms or has been sent to self-isolate as part of a bubble closure, please book them a PCR test at a testing site rather than doing a lateral flow test at home.
One further point of clarification is regarding the so called 'Freedom Day' on Monday 19th July.  From this point, schools have been advised that they do not have to operate any restrictions such as bubbles, staggered starts or masks.  Many schools break up this Friday but the government has advised that if schools are still open next week, they may continue with safety measures until the end of term.  The requirement for schools to identify close contacts to self-isolate in the event of a positive case does not end on Monday, this continues until August 16th.  Fingers crossed we will not need to close any further bubbles between now and the end of term.
Best wishes
The AJS Team