Alverstoke Church of England Junior School





Our aim is to provide an exciting, inclusive and creative approach to Spanish, inspiring lifelong language learners and developing an interest in the culture of other nations. Through excellence and enjoyment, we aim for children to engage with great enthusiasm and a thirst for continuing to learn a language at KS3. Our Spanish curriculum is planned around a strong emphasis on speaking the language- with increasing confidence, fluency and spontaneity.  It also covers the skills of understanding and responding to written language and writing at varying lengths using a variety of grammatical structures they have learned. We have created a stimulating, enjoyable and challenging curriculum dealing with topics of interest and relevance. It is also our aim to promote an awareness and knowledge of the world in which they are living in and the broader curriculum by exploring where Spanish is taught in the world.

The Spanish Curriculum is designed to excite and create memorable moments in a rich learning environment. All units of work provide fun ideas for language learning strategies to fully engage the students, for example, the use of drama/role play, performance, song, chanting, memorising words to a rhythm and physical actions. The use of digital learning is also used to create fun ways to remember key vocabulary. The 4 year learning journey is progressive and a unit of work is taught every term. Pupils continually revisit and expand their knowledge of phonology, grammatical structures and vocabulary to enable them to develop a confidence in the core skills of speaking, listening reading and writing. Spanish is also encouraged to be spoken outside of the Spanish lessons whilst in school. For example, responding to the register, ordering lunches and engaging in short conversations around the school. We are also busy working with a fluent Spanish actor (a regular on BBC radio 4) who is recording all the key vocabulary for each unit of work to help children and staff with pronunciation and intonation.

By year 6 children at Alverstoke Junior School will have the foundations laid for their language learning journey no matter what language they study at secondary school. They will understand how a language works and develop oracy and literacy skills at an age-appropriate level. The lasting impact will be pupils who appreciate that learning a language is fun, fully accessible and will be motivated to find out about other Spanish speaking cultures.