Alverstoke Church of England Junior School





At Alverstoke Junior School, we are committed to providing all children with learning opportunities to engage in Art and design and believe that every child within our school should have full access to the Art provision as laid down in the National Curriculum regardless of age, gender or ability.

 The intent of our Art education is to give pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas and experiences in a visual or tactile form. We value Art and Design as an important part of the children’s entitlement to a broad and balanced curriculum. As pupils progress, they should be able to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design. They should also know how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.

Art and Design at Alverstoke Junior School follows a clear and comprehensive scheme of work, that aligns with the National Curriculum. The children are given an opportunity to present their sense of vision through observation, experimentation and illustration. Pupils are encouraged to use their imagination through a wide variety of media and manipulative skills are developed as well as an awareness of colour, texture, design and dimension.

The skills and knowledge that children will develop throughout each art topic are mapped across each year group and throughout the school to ensure progression. Areas covered include sculpture, collage, painting, sketching, pointillism, graffiti and the works of many great artists.

Art Progression of Skills

Unit overview