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100 things to do at AJS

100 things to do at Alverstoke Junior School!

During your time at AJS, you might have the opportunity to take part in the following exciting activities! The list below starts off with our transition events into Year 3 and build up as you journey through AJS!

1. Get to know a Year 5 buddy! Sing songs, with your Year 5 buddy, like ‘You’ve got a friend in me’ at a summer picnic.

2. Experience a fun first day at Junior School!

3. Begin your journey as an EPIC learner!

4. Read and share some amazing stories written by amazing authors!

5. Help to lead the Harvest Festival at St Mary’s Church.

6. Discover where Alverstoke, Gosport is in the world!

7. Visit Portsmouth Cathedral and learn about the different elements of spirituality (Year 3)

8. Want to help the school make some important decisions? Write and deliver a speech to your class as to why you should be the Young Governor for the class.

9. Look to the skies in wonder at the School’s annual Fireworks display.

10. Learn to keep yourself safe online.

11. Take part in the whole school Remembrance Day service at St Mary’s church lead by Service Club children alongside their parents.

12. Be Bright, Be Seen day – wear something bright to school!

13. Wear something spotty for Children In Need.

14. Visit St Mary’s church to see the splendour that is the Christmas Tree Festival.

15. Sing-a-long-with-Jock! A firm Christmas favourite 

16. Perform part of the Christmas story at St Mary’s church, which is usually packed full!

17. Choir members take part in a care home carol singing crawl around Alverstoke and Gosport.

18. Enjoy a delicious Christmas lunch with your relatives on the last day of the Autumn term. A chance to meet a local important person as the mayor often joins us for the feast!

19. Take a trip to Brazil and learn all about the Amazon rainforest.

20. Get up close to insects and creatures from the Amazon with a visit from Zoolab!

21. Perform Samba rhythms on authentic drums!

22. Take time to reflect as you join in with different prayer space activities.

23. Visit the Ancient Farm at Butser and find out what life was like during the Stone and Iron ages.

24. Try your hand at sewing as you make a Stone Age pouch!

25. Enjoy an evening using the sports facilities at St Vincent College – from dance to obstacle courses.

26. Dress up as a character from your favourite book to celebrate World Book Day.

27. Try your luck in the school’s Easter Eggstravanza!

28. Pick your way through Ancient Egyptian artefacts whilst listening to the adventures of Howard Carter as he uncovers Tutankhamun’s tomb.

29. Take part in P4C discussions which make you question things you see and hear.

30. Perform part of Holy Week at the Easter Service at St Mary’s Church.

31. A chance to show off your dance moves at one of the many school discos!

32. Take a dip in the school’s swimming pool to perfect your strokes!

33. Discover the beautiful natural artwork of Andy Goldsworthy.

34. Enjoy a morning of sporting activities – competing for your house!

35. Take time out with family members, who have watched you compete in the sporting activities, and enjoy a family picnic on the school field.

36. Discover the life and times of the Anglo-Saxons.

37. Play junior tennis on the school’s courts at Alverstoke Tennis Club.

38. Learn about the digestive system through a revolting experiment with tights and Weetabix!

39. Wear red, white and blue clothing in support of the three national charities for the Armed Forces.

40. Re-enact a battle between Boudicca, and her Iceni tribe, and the Roman army.

41. Discover what life was like during the Roman era with a trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace.

42. If you love to sing, join the school choir – everyone is welcome!

43. Visit the World War Two bunker located at the front of the school and discover its past.

44. Pretend to be a German spy as you walk the tunnels at Fort Nelson.

45. Spend two nights away from home as you learn about habitats and the coastline at Stubbington Study Centre. If you are lucky you will spot the badgers!

46. Learn about our ever-changing coastline and the defences that are in place to protect it.

47. Discover the importance of the Fareham and Gosport Inshore Rescue Service, as you are given a tour around the lifeboat station.

48. Uncover the importance of Portsmouth dockyards – its trade routes and Her Majesty’s Naval Base.

49. Take part in multi-skills sporting festivals competing against other local Gosport schools.

50. Begin to wonder if all that you see can be believed as you delve into the world of optical illusions.

51. Create a hat which rivals that of The Mad Hatter, from Alice in Wonderland.

52. Amaze your parents with your food skills as you bake jam tarts for the AJS Mad Hatter’s Tea Party!

53. Refine your Scratch skills as you create animations and games for others to enjoy.

54. Marvel at the night sky at Winchester Science Museum’s planetarium.

55. Wow your parents with your computing skills as you take them on a journey into outer space using green screening.

56. Join the lunchtime group, which walks the short distance to Northcott care home to eat their lunch and interact with the residents.

57. Hone your entrepreneurial skills as you devise ways to get creative and raise money for local charities.

58. Try your hand at bowls at an afternoon session at the Gosport Bowling Club.

59. Create a moving picture book as you learn about different mechanisms.

60. Year 5 children step up to become buddies themselves to Year 2 children.

61. If you are a member of the choir, take part in the Our Voice; One Song event.

62. Discover who held the first Olympic games and the different sports which the Greeks competed in – many are still popular today!

63. Travel up to London to visit the British Museum and marvel at the Elgin Marbles.

64. Put on your running shoes and represent the school at the Gosport Golden Mile.

65. Hone your music skills by learning an instrument taught by one of our peripatetic music teachers.

66. For the keen footballers, step up and take part in the school’s football trials.

67. If you are successful at the trials, compete for the school in either the A or B team against other local schools.

68. Learn and sing some traditional sea shanties!

69. Turn your hand to graffiti as you learn about different styles of art.

70. Discover the dangers of living in the foothills of an active volcano.

71. Learn about the impact of an earth splitting quake!

72. Visit the art gallery at Southampton and be inspired by the incredible artwork of Edward Burne-Jones in the Perseus Room.

73. Hand and eye co-ordination is needed for the school’s netball trials.

74. If successful at the trials, you will compete against neighbouring schools in the netball league.

75. Be part of the Gardening Club and help the school with its entry into Gosport in Bloom.

76. Learn about different careers at the Year 6 Careers Fayre.

77. Consider the impact of our cyber footprints.

78. Uncover some of the gruesome punishments dished out to people through the ages.

79. See for yourself the place where Anne Boleyn had her head chopped off at The Tower of London.

80. If you are a member of the choir, be part of a huge choir at the O2 Young Voices event.

81. Write commands to operate a mini robot under the instruction of Robot Lizzie (Year 6 only).

82. Learn about the famous playwright William Shakespeare as you discover his plays: A Midsummer Night’s Dream and his famous Scottish play, Macbeth.

83. Compose and perform a Shakespearian rap to rival Stormsy!

84. Perfect your running stitch and backstitch as you create a Macbeth puppet.

85. Promote ‘Park and Stride’ and become a member of the Road Safety Team.

86. Visit Twickenham and watch a varsity rugby game.

87. Discover the wonder of the aurora borealis as you learn about the beauty of Iceland.

88. Get your feet wet as you follow the source of the River Hamble to its mouth!

89. A chance to demonstrate your leadership skills by becoming a sports captain!

90. Spend the week on residential with your friends at the activity centre, Avon Tyrrell, where you can experience activities from archery, abseiling, mountain biking to raft building! (Year 6)

91. Represent the school at the Year 6 Leavers’ Service at Portsmouth Cathedral.

92. Take part in the Choral Festival organised by Bay House as part of the transition to secondary school.

93. Spend time at your secondary school getting to know key members of staff, experience lessons and find your way around!

94. Be road safe by achieving Grade 2 Bikeability.

95. Apply to be head boy or girl, or one of our house team captains.

96. Consider what is Fake News and how you can tell.

97. Evaluate your EPIC learning journey.

98. Lead the whole school in a Leavers’ Service at St Mary’s church.

99. Enjoy a fun packed Leavers’ Day (usually involves Domino’s pizza!)

100. Say a fond farewell to Alverstoke Junior School on your very last day.